Sort order items by SKU (Magento 1)

If you want to change the default sorting of the ordered items on the order detail page, go ahead and override app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/sales/order/view/items.phtml in your theme and replace


Done. If you open the detail page of an order…

Creating order including custom options programmatically (Magento 1)

Using the following code, you can create an order including custom options programmatically.

Getting orders with items that have a certain attribute set (Magento 1)

The following MySQL query returns all Magento orders that have at least one item with attribute set id 9.

Getting an orders tracking information (Magento 1)

Using the following code, you can obtain the tracking information of a Magento order.

Getting order data on success page (success.phtml) (Magento 1)

To get the order data on the Magento success page, use the following code. The key here is to create an order object and get the data from there.

Getting order items on success page (success.phtml) (Magento 1)

Use the following code to get all ordered items on the Magento success page.