Assuming that you choose me for assisting you with your next Magento project or Magento problem, what will be the steps that will follow?

To be honest, there is no overall answer for this question. The steps of each project can differ due to the many different requirements and problems that people can have. I like to stay open minded for each new project or Magento task I have. That keeps me flexible and lets me have an eye on the details of your problem or project. It is all about you and your individual tasks.

Of course there is an established pattern that I follow:

Short version: You tell me what you want and I will get it done :-).

Longer version:

  1. You provide me with everything you want me to have (layout drafts, product data, texts, requirements or a problem desription, …).
  2. Using the documents you gave me, I will calcule an individual offer just for you. You will receive that offer by e-mail.
  3. You take a look at the offer, ask questions if necessary and either accept or decline the offer.
  4. If you accept the offer, we agree on a starting date and get things done.
  5. To discuss things we communicate by e-mail or Skype. If you like, we can also talk on the phone.
  6. After completion of the tasks, we take a look at what I did. If you are satisfied, you will receive an invoice. I am accepting PayPal as payment method.

Want to know more? Please contact me.

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