Welcome to my Magento site! Are you experiencing a problem with your Magento store that you don’t want to or can’t solve on your own? Or maybe you are looking for a reliable partner for your next e-commerce project?

You are not alone! A lot of people visit my site every month searching for assistance with their Magento related issues. Others are looking for a professional Magento developer and consultant to help them start or finish a Magento project. Some of the smaller issues can be solved directly and free of charge by searching my site and finding the right solution.

More complex Magento problems and requirements should be solved and implemented in a future-proof and maintainable way. Thats the time when a Magento professional comes into play! Somebody who knows the system inside out.

This is what I do, thats my profession. Let me introduce myself. (Quick Overview)

Thats me, the Magento expert (Mex)

My name is Andreas Golchert, born in 1979, 24 years of experience in software development, mostly Perl, PHP, Java und Microsoft .NET.

I worked as a team leader in renowned software development companies, coded at the Max Planck Institut for Brain Sciences
(long: Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences) as software developer and gained international experience as a developer and consultant in Oslo (Norway).

I have been working as a Magento developer and consultant for over 13 years now. Due to my intense engagement with Magento, I know how to use the built in features as well as how to extend Magento with new functionality that is required for a certain store like yours. There are many ways of doing things in Magento, but only one of them is the right way – the Magento way. Doing it the Magento way, I am making sure your store stays maintainable without losing already included and implemented functionality.

My experience in a quick overview:

  • 24 years experience in software development
  • Core competencies as software developer and team leader
  • Programming languages and frameworks: Perl, PHP, Java, Microsoft .NET
  • CMS and stores: over 13 years intensive Magento experience, WordPress
  • Other: Web development(design and server), software architecture, customer contact and consultancy
  • Languages: German (first language), English (business fluent), some Norwegian
  • Certified as Magento developer
  • Certified as “Microsoft Certified Professional” and “Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist”
  • Training as Java software engineer
  • Want to see more? Check out my other references.

Thank you for your interest, I would happily assist you with your next Magento e-commerce project or problem. Please contact me so we can discuss your needs or requirements.

Your Mex