I have been working as software developer and IT project manager for 24 years now. The last 13 years I worked as Magento developer and became an expert in Magento development and consulting. Here are some of my recent achievements:

Magento reference: Seattle Daily Journal Of Commerce

Moving the subscription functionality from www.djc.com to a Magento shop as well as consultancy, planning and architecture modification for the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce (DJC)

Magento reference: Backpacking United

Connecting the store with Pixi* (e-commerce ERP & logistics software), extension development, extension installation, Google Analytics, implementation of custom tracking for DHL, layout modifications, consultancy, … for Backpacking United

Magento reference: Holzboden Direkt

Product export and import via custom interface, layout modifications, consultancy, connection to custom ERP system, performance optimizations, consultancy, … for Holzboden Direkt

Magento reference: Onfos

Complex modifications of custom data export, tax rule modifications, extension installation and configuration, consultancy, … for Onfos.de

Magento reference: Fliesenschotte

Performance optimizations, modifications on checkout, removal of 503 redirect error, consultancy, … for Fliesenschotte

Magento reference: Alltagsflucht

Building the complete Magento 2 shop, layout modifications, data migration Magento 1 -> Magento 2, consultancy, … for Alltagsflucht

Magento reference: Tischline

Installation of security patches, upgrade to PHP 7.2, consultancy… for Tischline

Magento reference: Popp PC

Performance optimizations, extension development, API programming, layout modifications, consultancy, … for Popp PC

Magento reference: Gestaltungskommando BuntMetall

Together with BuntMetall I create, design and maintain Magento 1 and Magento 2 shops.

Magento reference: Kamera.net

Built complete shop, implementation of EDI interface, integration of Klarna as payment method, layout modifications, theme installation, SEO, consultancy, building of custom modules, … for the Kamera.net

Magento reference: Extension development and layout changes for LootRaider

Extension development as well as layout modifications for LootRaider

Magento reference: LootOverload

Complete development and programming of the LootOverload Shop.

Magento reference: Scharfes Japan

Magento version update from 1.5.x to 1.9.3.x, Magento bugfixing, security patch installation, consulting, … for http://scharfesjapan.de/

Magento reference: zotea

Complex layout modifications, SEO, Magento consulting, module development, …for zotea

Magento reference: Mixeobox

Security patch installation, complete redevelopment of the recurring profile logic, setup Novalnet as payment method for recurring profiles, SSL modifications, implementation of a custom coupon code management system, Magento consulting, … for Mixeobox

Magento reference: Botucal Rum

Security patch installation, maintenance and care, layout modifications, server configuration as well es consulting for Botucal Rum

Magento reference: Extension development and layout modifications for http://www.polesportshop.de

Extension development and layout modifications for www.polesportshop.de

Magento reference: Weinexpress

Server move, custom extension and import programming, Channel Pilot integration, feed programming for www.weinexpress.de

Magento reference: Building and extending of Grandchild Streetwear

Building and extending http://www.grandchild-streetwear.com

Magento reference: Cooperation with Web-Pflege

Cooperation (building and maintaining Magento shops) with the IT agency Web-Pflege

Magento reference: Mindfield Biosytems

Version update (, Modifications for the layered navigation, SEO, layout optimizations for Mindfield Biosytems

Magento reference: www.komposter.com

Solved many tasks such as multiple language support, internal linking and price logic modifications for the Austrian Magento shop www.komposter.com

Magento reference: Luxuslabel DIMACCI

Responsive layout, module development, SEO as well as Google Shopping integration for the fashion / jewelry label DIMACCI

Magento reference: Tosstec

Invoice layout and price logic changes, security patch installation for TOSSTEC

Magento reference: Service4Handys

Magento training, layout modifications, extension installation and modification, moved shop to a new server for Service4Handys

Magento reference: Bardealer

Security patch installation, maintenance and care of the shop, OPC (One Page Checkout) layout modifications, implementation of a customer group product price import as well as custom sorting of the category pages (out of stock products are displayed at the end of the list), Magento consulting for Bardealer.de

Magento reference: VolltrefferSport

Complete rebuild and extension development for VolltrefferSport (noch in Arbeit)

Magento reference: Plissee Experte

Plissee-Experte.de: This store is one of Germanys biggest plissee stores with a real good revenue and top search engine rankings (try yourself!). My work here ranges from optimizing SEO, designing the front end for a better user experience to implementing complex logic on server side. In short: I know that store inside out!

Magento reference: Livoneo

Livoneo.de: Livoneo is still in the making but already pretty successfull. It is a modern store which specializes in selling sunscreens of various kinds (blinds, plissees, venetian blinds and many more). I built this store from scratch, designing and implementing all its frontend layout and backend logic. In short: Livoneo.de was built and designed by my in large parts! Work still in progress!

Magento reference: Zoomingo

Invoice PDF layout changes, Ajax search implementation, implementation of a custom product import, connecting the store with Amazon using the M2E Pro Magento extension as well as setting up a one step checkout (OPC) for Zoomingo. Work still in progress!

Besides my various Magento projects, I was able to gain lots of experience with the following projects:

Wordpress reference: Amerikanisch-Wohnen

Realization of the WordPress site Amerikanisch-Wohnen.de

Wordpress reference: Französisch-Wohnen

Realization of the WordPress site Franzoesisch-Wohnen.de

Wordpress reference: Ahornsirup-Welt

Realization of the WordPress site Ahornsirup-Welt.de

Wordpress reference: Adirondack-Chairs

Realization of the WordPress site Adirondack-Chairs.de

Wordpress reference: Vermonta

Realization of the WordPress site Vermonta.de

Furthermore I worked for renowned, international and national companies as software developer and project manager.

FIO Systems AG

Microsoft .NET software developer and project manager for FIO Systems AG

Redpill / Linpro

Java developer for the Norwegian company Redpill / Linpro AS from Oslo